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Harry has a new housekeeper and the girl is absolutely fantastic. She sweeps, she cleans, she gives massages when he needs one. But when it comes to s
Harry has a new housekeeper...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 2:37-
Paul is enjoying his breakfast in the garden with his new girlfriend. She is a real blonde bombshell but he is more interested in his food than in her
Paul is enjoying his...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 2:28-
Even on a scorcher like today Paul is still busy keeping his body in shape. Nothing can distract him from flexing his muscles... Well, nothing except
Even on a scorcher like...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 1:55-
Grandpa has got a new girlfriend, a lovely looking teenage girl. They go for a walk and park themselves on a blanket in the grass where the old man sh
Grandpa has got a new...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 1:38-
When Mireck meets a young girl who has planned a walk in the forest he can't believe his luck. He offers to accompany her and soon enough the old
When Mireck meets a young...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 1:39-
When Miriam's boyfriend comes back into the room after being away for a little while he can't believe his eyes when he sees his girlfriend g
When Miriam's...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 0:18-
It's not as hard has it looks talking your way into a young students panties.  Not if you're the tricky old teacher anyway.  He's a rig
It's not as hard has...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 0:16-
Paul has started a new job as a piano teacher and Kate, his first student, is making great progress. As long as she is only required to play with one
Paul has started a new job...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 1:29-
Once Naomi gets her hands on that old man's cock she goes for it and throws caution to the wind. Sometimes you've got to live a little and N
Once Naomi gets her hands...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 0:16-
When you look at an old bearded guy like this you'd think that he wouldn't get much action would you? Well that's certainly not the cas
When you look at an old...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 5:18-
Tereza is so bad at English her parents have hired Mireck to give her some extra lessons. We don't know why - we can hardly understand the old ge
Tereza is so bad at English...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 1:35-
Gertie&Frank oldman sex movie
Gertie&Frank oldman sex...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 3:00-
Paul is feeling pretty miserable: He is poor, has seven kids, a wife that doesn't want to have sex and his boss is an asshole. So he visits the l
Paul is feeling pretty...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 2:33-
Every day Old Mireck goes for a stroll in the park which is not such a wise idea as the park is pretty large and Mirecks sense of direction is not wha
Every day Old Mireck goes...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 5:01-
Well, my cunning plan worked. Being a master of illusion it was possible for me to depart as Jimmy Saveloy and shortly thereafter reappear as that dap
Well, my cunning plan...
- 2012-12-05
duration: 2:48-
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